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Firstly- Congratulations and Welcome to the Artist Community!

You will find our systems are very easy to use. The first thing you are going to do is upload your finished business card templates and/or artwork. We prefer that you create great looking business card designs rather than provide us just your artwork but you may choose to do either. Your completed business card designs will always take first priority in regards to getting published online to start making you money.

You may upload finished business card designs or just your art portfolio and we make business card templates for you. In either case, please be sure to review our guidelines regarding the type of images we do not accept (primarily concerning identifiable faces).

In addition, we will publish an artist portfolio page showcasing you, your talents, and your top template designs. Please email us your biography about yourself. You can include things such as information about your images, the equipment you use, other places you sell artwork, and any other relevant information that you wish to have appear on your page. This is a great online biography that you may link to from anywhere you like.

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